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The limits of chaos

Winternachten 2 -
Ernst Reijseger en Ramsey Nasr - foto Serge Ligtenberg
Ernst Reijseger en Ramsey Nasr - foto Serge Ligtenberg

Sometimes it seems that art comes into being primarily where order has been removed. But maybe even the most disorganising artist needs footing. With his music cellist Ernst Reijsiger skims along the limits of what his instrument has to offer in terms of possibilities. Ramsey Nasr, poet laureate, in poems like Mi Have een Droom (Me Have a Dream) explores the limits of Dutch as a language, and being an actor and a director he often finds himself in the grey area of text and improvisation.
With Jan Donker as host, these two artists talk about rules and chaos and the assumed freedom during improvisation. How chaotic can and must one be. Which rule will they never break? A programme full of recitation and unsettling music. In Dutch