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The Film Picks of P.F. Thomése

Friday Night Unlimited -

P.F. Thomése is a versatile writer who constantly changes his tone, from Schaduwkind (Shadow Child, 2013) to De Onderwaterzwemmer (Underwater Swimmer, 2015). A film by Erik de Bruyn based on J.Kessels, The Novel premiered at the Dutch Film Festival; it features the author's favourite recurring character in all his smoking and junk-food-devouring glory.Tonight Thomése explains his film picks in a conversation with film conoisseur Gerlinda Heywegen. Of course we'll also view his chosen clips, among others from The Silence (Bergman), Otto e Mezzo (Fellini), Goodfellas (Scorsese) and The Big Lebowski (Coen brothers).