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The Beauty of the Life of the Other

Winternacht 1 -

The Turkish-American Elif Batuman wanted to become a writer, but didn't feel at home in the traditional approach of the creative writing course. She decided to study literature and noticed gradually that an academic approach didn't stand in the way of love for literature. Truth and beauty appeared to be one and the same thing eventually. She wrote the collection of essays The Possessed about it, with true stories about the lives of the Russian classics. K. Schippers on the other hand shows in his work that there is no reality, only points of view. His latest book, De bruid van Marcel Duchamp (Marcel Duchamp's bride), is a quest for the most renowned work of the French-American artist Marcel Duchamp – the big glass entitled The Bride Undressed by Her Bachelors – in which Schippers allows fantasy to run free. Jan Donkers talks to the writers about the beauty of reality and the way in which other people's lives can serve as a driving wheel for one's own imagination. English spoken.