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She-Room: When does she rule, or does she at all?

Thursday Night Unlimited -

What space do women take up on the silver screen? How visible or invisible are they? What do we see of Woman in cinema, and how do we see them? In this film program, editor and programmer Gerlinda Heywegen took you on a journey of discovery. On screen, women are excluded, sexualized, denied, admired, objectified, magnified or minimized - but seldom shown as a human being. They are madonna or whore, myth or housewife. We see their screen-filling curves and shattered dreams. And where do we mostly see women? Standing in the kitchen or galloping through a vast landscape? What are they doing, if anything? What sort of space is made for and by her?

We watched and listened to this cinematic essay in which we traveled all over the world, a world full of women on screen - women who sounded sad, got angry but also (promise!) made you laugh and offered hope. We let ourselves be guided through a crazy filmic world with dark, hilarious, classic and toxic examples. We were served with movie fragments from i.e. The Piano (Jane Campion), Irréversible (Gaspar Noé), Portrait de la jeune fille en feu (Céline Sciamma) Nostalghia (Andrei Tarkovski) and Titane (Julia Ducourneau). When does she rule, or does she at all? was the subject of this cinematic essay in which Gerlinda Heywegen welded together and explained film clips.

Dutch spoken.