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Leena Norms in Writing Climate (In)Justice - #StillWeRise

'The Farmer's Great-Granddaughter' - video reading (English spoken)


I stand and inhale the fields
That once were forests, lean on
The kissing gate that puckers up
To meet the blood under my wrists.

Famous British poet and literary vlogger Leena Norms recites her new poem The Farmer's Great-Granddaughter, imagining what would happen if she now owned her family's farm, knowing what we know about the climate crisis.

On the request of the Winternachten international literature festival The Hague 2021, Leena wrote a poem about climate injustice. The vlog was first shown in the programma #StillWeRise: Writing Climate (In)justice, streamed live on Thursday 14 January 2021.

More and more authors give the climate and the climate crisis a prominent place in their work; few still venture into the subject of climate injustice or climate racism. Too often you hear the statement "we are all in the same boat". Yes, we are all in the same raging sea of climate crisis. But socio-economic status, skin colour and geographical location determine whether you cross that storm on a luxury cruise ship or a shaky raft. That's why programme maker Joëlle Koorneef in the Winternachten festival 2021 programme #StillWeRise: Writing Climate (In)justice let writers, poets and spoken word performers speak out about how they give shape to the desire for a more just world and to their artistry.

Leena Norms (UK, 1990) is a literary video essayist, poet and critic. She became well-known with her popular Just Kiss My Frog-YouTube channel (almost 7 million views since 2007), which features book discussions, top-ten lists, poetry readings and personal vlogs. In 2019 she published Doom Rolled in Glitter, a collection of twenty poetms about the high- and lowlights in the life of a twentysomething -- friendships, identity crises, facing climate change, first love. Norms studied English Literature at Aberystwyth University in Wales.