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Dakota's Winternachten Verhalenfestival: Princess Arabella

SOLD OUT. Children's Event with Mylo Freeman, writer and illustrator of the Princess Arabella series. In Dutch.

Theater en Filmhuis Dakota
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Mylo Freeman
Mylo Freeman

Tip. Mylo Freeman will also appear on Friday, 17 January at Friday Night Unlimited, a varied festival night with 24 events in six rooms at the Theater aan het Spui and the The Hague Filmhuis. And in Dakota's talkshow on Sunday 19 January.

In Mylo Freeman's picturebooks you will mainly see colored children as the main character. Why is that? Some years ago Mylo heard a story about a little girl called Jahkini. She was given the role of princess in a schoolplay but she categorically refused. 'Black princesses do not exist!', she answered. After Mylo heard this story she decided to do something about it right away. She decided to make a picturebook about a princess of color and that became princess Arabella! Meanwhile there are 13 books published.