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Alberto Manguel: A Life of Reading

Theater aan het Spui - kleine zaal
€ 15,- (UITpas: € 12,50; CJP/Studenten/Ooievaarspas: € 7,50)

Argentina-born writer and world citizen Alberto Manguel counts as a passionate reader, who manages to convey his love for the written word with contagious enthusiasm. Writing is seduction, writing is an act of resistance, writing is the moment in which the author takes the initiative to enter into an intimate conversation with the reader. An act which is 6,000 years old already. Manguel possesses encyclopaedic knowledge of the history of the book. Which books have changed his life? And whence the urge to elaborate on his passion for the book so meticulously? Wim Brands (Dutch television show 'Boeken') in a  tête-à-tête with the writer about his work and passion for literature. In English.