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#3 The Asterisk Conversations

3 mei 2021

Philosopher and author Simon(e) van Saarloos once again seeks depth in a remarkable conversation and, with Simon(e)s typical carefulness, asks very accurate questions. Listen how the American poet, essayist and author Claudia Rankine (Just Us: An American Conversation, Citizen: An American Lyric) is increasingly withdrawn from the podcast conversation and gets more and more involved. Enjoy the reading by poet Rosabelle Illes in which she responds to the conversation. Illustration by designer, artist and writer Ajsa Zdravkovic (aka ajsaajsaajsa).

The third episode of The Asterisk Conversations* is an inspiring exchange of thoughts about questions such as ownership in a conversation, whether you can withdraw from questions, whether spaces need to be redefined. A conversation about white silence, the possibility of neutral spaces, the use of images, the way that racism is produced by a limited imagination, the revolution of Sylvana Simons, and our greedy relationship to the land.

Asterik conversations expand and overlap, trusting that different themes and threads interweave and cross, influencing each other. The asterisk resists the idea of core business, of a single issue struggle (Audre Lorde) or truth with a capital T. As Jack Halberstam writes in Trans*: the asterisk refuses to “situate transition in relation to destination, a final form, a specific shape, or an established configuration of desire and identity”. (English spoken)

The Asterisk Conversations * III is now available on our site and soon in your favorite podcast app!

Credits The Asterisk Conversations* III
Guests: Claudia Rankine & Rosabelle Illes
Host: Simon(e) van Saarloos
Editor: Ilonka Reintjens
Audio editor: Jörgen Gario Unom JG
Illustration: Ajsa Zdravkovic

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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)