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Thomas Möhlmann

Thomas Möhlmann - foto Lodewijk Deleu
Thomas Möhlmann - foto Lodewijk Deleu

(1975) in his poetry shows a fascination for the unknown and the impalpable. The title of his debut De vloeibare jongen (The liquid boy; 2005) is revealing in that respect. Nothing is what it seems, characters melt into one another, a boy dissolves into water and washes away with the river. In his second volume Kranen open (Taps open; 2009) too, Möhlmann allows his fantasy to run free. Strikingly, turns of phrase or motives of one poem sometimes literally return in another. Möhlmann studied Dutch language and literature, organised readings in the literary theatre Perdu and was co-founder of the poetry magazine Zanzibar and the literature site Right now he works with the Dutch Literature Fund as a policy advisor for poetry and is on the board of the poetry magazine Awater. Möhlmann edited several volumes with work by other poets, most notably Dit zijn de daden waar ik mens voor was – De mooiste gedichten van Martinus Nijhoff (These are the deeds I was a human being for – the most beautiful poems of Martinus Nijhoff; 2008). In 2007 the anthology Geboorte in meer dan 50 gedichten (Birth in more than 50 poems) appeared with Uitgeverij Van Gennep.

(nov 2010)

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  • Winternachten 2011 – Winternacht 1

    Wintercafe 2: VPRO De Avonden Live

    Can literature help is in imagining new possibilities of becoming a better and happier 'Mensch' In VPRO's De Avonden poets, musicians and writers offer the audience a glimpse of ther own Utopia. With readings by Rodaan al Galidi and Thomas Möhlmann. The writer Iman Humaydan tells of how against the backdrop of violence, one can hold on to the belief in a better world by going deeply in people's small stories. In her narrator's performance Abeer Soliman imagines the stories of those small people. Singer songwriter Lotte van Dijck, together with Peter Akkerman, takes the audience right through performances to her own musical Utopia. Hosts: Jeroen van Kan and Catherine van Campen. Broadcast live by VPRO Radio 6. In Dutch and English.