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Maguaré - foto Jan Hozee
Maguaré - foto Jan Hozee

With her group Maguaré singer Paola Marquez returns to her Colombiaanse roots, and focusses on cumbia, porro, gaita and other afro-Colombian rhythms. The rhythm-section of the group is made by Colombian percussionists, Javier Cabrera en Core Pareja. They play traditional instruments like the tambora, tambor alegre, llamador, and the maracas. With a five men strongl brass section, double bass, piano, organ and accordion, the group plays a mix of Afro-Colombian rhythms in the fashion of Toto de La Momposina en 60's dancehall cumbia by Lucho Bermudez and Lito Barrientos.


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  • Winternachten 2010 – Winternachten 2

    Dancing into the night: Maguaré

    Maguaré calls itself after the drums people in the Amazon region used to communicate with over great distances. It's clear that singer Paola Marquez has her roots in Colombia. Her voice is carried by Afro-Colombian rhythms. Accompanied by a five strong wind section, a double bass, piano, organ and accordion this promises to be a swinging end of the festival!