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Funda Müjde

Funda Mujde - foto Mariel Kolmschot
Funda Mujde - foto Mariel Kolmschot

(Turkey, 1961) is an actress, comedienne, moderator, hostess and columnist. She is well-known due to her leading role in the film Julia's Secret and roles in a number opf popular Dutch TV series. From 1999 to 2012 she wrote a weekly column in national Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, providing a humourous and critical view of Dutch intercultural society. A selection of her columns was published in 2004, titled Algemeen Beschaafd Turks (Common Turkish Pronunciation). Following a car accident in 2007, she has had to use a wheelchair. Müjde writes, acts and presents as she is, with a personal perspective on political and societal themes, sometimes provocative and always with humour. In 2016 she returned to the theatre with Funda Draait Door, in which she tells about her life's journey.

(WN 2019)

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  • Winternachten 2020 – Saturday Night Unlimited

    National Quiz of New Dutch

    Now that the Smibanese Dictionary 2.0 of street language has been published, Writers Unlimited is hosting the National Quiz of New Dutch! Come and test your knowledge of New Dutch, which has influences of Turkish, Sranantongo, Papiamento, English and Berber.

    Just in case we can't figure it out, we've invited a fantastic panel of experts to explain it all, chosen by Soortkill - the compiler of the Smibanese Dictionary and an active member of the SMIB Collective. They include cabaretière, actress and columnist Funda Müjde; writers, teacher and creator of the Berber library Asis Aynan; and cabaretier, singer, actor and presenter Jörgen Raymann. All under the guidance of former news anchor, actress, writer and now quizmistress Noraly Beyer.

  • Winternachten 2018

    Kader Abdolah & Funda Müjde: Literary Contraband

    With: Funda Müjde, Kader Abdolah

    Just picture this amazing duo: writer Kader Abdolah and cabaret artist, actress and columnist Funda Müjde. Both personally recommend their favourite book. They tell you specially why you should read it. They use their most beautiful words to describe that one book, a book from their native country that has not yet been translated into Dutch, but which should have been translated ages ago.

    Kader Abdolah made a plea for the epic poem Shahnameh (Book of Kings) written between 977 and 1010 by Persian poet Ferdowsi.

    Funda Müjde gave praise to the historical novel Şu Çılgın Türkler (These Crazy Turks) by Turkish dramaturgue and novelist Turgut Özakman (1930-2013).

    In this program, Writers Unlimited shines a spotlight on books that remain undiscovered in the Netherlands, great books that have not yet found their way to the Netherlands or the rest of the world. The writers take up the challenge to convince you - and hopefully a publisher - that their chosen books must be translated.

    It was twice the treat, because Abdolah and Müjde know how to seduce, entertain and enthuse an audience. A unique pair. It became a marvellous and compelling Saturday afternoon at the festival in The Hague.

    Right after the performance, Funda Müjde en Kader Abdolah were at the Van Stockum Bookshop in the lobby for a booksigning session.

    Source archive materials: Collection EYE Filmmuseum

  • Winternachten 2009

    Winternachten in Tropentheater: Counter Talk - literature from the Turkish region

    With: Funda Müjde, Gündüz Vassaf, Kamran Nazirli, Margreet Dorleijn, Nese Yasin, Perihan Magden, Selim Temo

    On Sunday afternoon, Tegenspraak (Counter Talk) a programme in cooperation with Winternachten with literature from the Turkish region, took place in Tropentheater Amsterdam. For a long time there has been a critical tradition in Turkish literature, with writers aiming their grievances at the powers that be. As early as the Ottoman Empire there has been sharp criticism, notably from the poet Tefik Fikret. Fikret shuns the Sultan and all religion. He takes a stand against everything that is regarded as holy and against the glorification of history. For the programme Tegenspraak: Turkish Controverses five Turkish authors were invited, all of them writing in the critical literary tradition of Fikret, authors who in their literary work and in columns deal with politics and society.
    The writers treated the audience on their literary current affairs. The programme was hosted by Margreet Dorleijn and Funda Müjde. See

  • Winternachten 2009

    How to Bluff your Way into Turkish Literature

    With: Funda Müjde, Gündüz Vassaf, Kamran Nazirli, Margreet Dorleijn, Nese Yasin, Perihan Magden, Selim Temo

    In the crash course 'How to Bluff Your Way into Turkish Literature' the richness of Turkish language and literature was presented. No fewer than five writers had been invited by Winternachten: three writers from Turkey, a Turkish poet from the Greek part of Cyprus, and a writer from Azerbaijan (Azeri is a Turkish language).
    The diversity of the guests should have been a sign of the complexity of the subject: Turkish is not only spoken in Turkey and the country itself knows several different languages. In Turkey, literature is still used for activistic and emancipatory goals contrary to contemporary Dutch literature.
    In presenting fragments of their own work, the social context of the work clearly stands out: corruption, the influential role of the militairy apparatus, the problems of poor communities and the difficult access to good education for these groups. By the end of the afternoon, it's clear that Turkish literature indeed consists of much more then the work of Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk. Turkish literature proves to be broad and vivid, consisting of socially concerned writers.