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Cansu Eroğlu

Cansu Eroglu
Cansu Eroglu

(The Hague, 1992) is a The Hague-based vocalist with Turkish roots. Her interest in cultural diversity does not only reflect in her studies (Cultural Anthropology, Religious Sciences and World music) and her work, but also in the choice of songs she performs and the languages in which she sings.


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  • Winternachten 2019

    Rap & Spoken Word with HemelBesem, Raj Mohan and Djani

    With: Cansu Eroğlu, Djani, HemelBesem, Raj Mohan

    Telling their stories via spoken word, rap, beats and songs -- this is what HemelBesem, Raj Mohan and Djani do better than anyone. For young and old, Winternachten and the Schilderswijk Library staged an encounter between three very musical word artists. HemelBesem is from South Africa, a famous performer, artist and MC who has four self-produced hiphop albums to his name. He often performs with other artists, hosts a radio show, and stands up for the binding force of the Afrikaans language. Raj Mohan translates his own Surinamese-Hindustani music and sung poetry from the original. He has released five albums and two poetry collections. The young Hague rapper Djani founded the group FDG with two friends in 2015, for which he composes songs, beats and a portion of the texts. He also works solo. His favourite styles are trap, dancehall, afro and old-school hiphop.

  • Winternachten 2018

    Winternachten goes Schilderswijk

    With: Cansu Eroğlu, Hizir Cengiz, Ibrahim Eroğlu, Sanam Sheriff

    In collaboration with the Schilderswijk Library, Writers Unlimited presented readings and conversations with Sanam Sheriff, a poetry-slam talent from India, and the young writer-columnist (from Schilderswijk) Hizir Cengiz. Poet and local resident Ibrahim Eroglu recited Turkish poetry together with his daughter, the singer Cansu Eroglu.