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On this page we offer you image materials for Writers Unlimited events and for Winternachten internatonal literature festival The Hague.

Images are - unless otherwise stated - free of image rights as long as they are published in relation to Writers Unlimited or Winternachten international literature festival The Hague. You must however mention the copyright notice, the name of the photographer/maker, in the caption.

Several weeks ahead of Writers Unlimited events and of the Winternachten festival period, portrait pictures of event or festival guests will be available here. Choose from the list below to download hi res images. Some portrait pictures will not be available in hi res versions.

The poster image of Winternachten Festival is free for publication with obligatory photo credit:

Winternachten / design Eindeloos


Writers Unlimited favicon 'W'

logo Winternachten international literature festival

poster image Winternachten festival 2021, vertical, online use

poster image Winternachten festival 2021, horizontal, online use


For more or other visual materials such as hi res images for print use, contact: info (at)