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Sinan Can praises Huygens Award winner Marion Bloem

Sinan Can
Sinan Can

Sinan Can, now appearing on TV (NPO1) in 'Sinan op zoek naar het paradijs' gives a eulogy to writer Marion Bloem at the Winternachten festival on Sunday afternoon 12 February.

Every year, the City of The Hague awards writers, poets and essayists for their work. The awards and presentation are organised by the Literatuurmuseum in collaboration with the Winternachten festival. The awards are handed over by alderman Saskia Bruines during a festive Winternachten festival programme with readings, eulogies and music at the Winternachten festival.

In Haagse literatuurprijzen on Sunday afternoon 12 February in Theater aan het Spui (a Dutch spoken programme) four winners will read from their own work. They will each also be addressed with praise. Sinan Can will deliver such a eulogy on author Marion Bloem, who will receive the Constantijn Huygens Prize for her entire oeuvre. Apart from Sinan Can, a.o. singer LUWTEN and poet Obe Alkema will also honour their winners.

For years, Sinan reported on the war and conflicts in the Middle East. Now, in his new series Sinan op zoek naar het paradijs (Sinan in search of paradise), he wants to show the beauty of the region.

Together with documentary maker Thomas Blom, Sinan follows the Euphrates River in search of the most beautiful landscapes, the most colourful people and the area's hidden treasures. They start their journey in eastern Turkey and continue from there to Syria and final destination Iraq.

Sinan says in a BNNVARA press release: "Having travelled through the area for years, in this series I can show how I too experience the Middle East. That has produced great stories that have moved, surprised and made us smile. From the perspective of all those residents trying to build their own paradise on earth."

It is not for nothing that the Nijmegen-based journalist follows the Euphrates River in the series. After all, his parents come from a village on its banks. As a "child of the river", he travels from the river's origin through his family's homeland.

Posted on: Thursday 12 January 2023