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Nalo Hopkinson, Pamela Sneed and Simon(e) van Saarloos in The Asterisk Conversations*

Illustratie bij The Asterisk Conversations #2 - iIlustratie ajsaajsaajsa
Illustratie bij The Asterisk Conversations #2 - iIlustratie ajsaajsaajsa

In the new Writers Unlimited podcast, philosopher and writer Simon(e) van Saarloos invites the New York-based poet, performer and visual artist Pamela Sneed and internationally-beloved storyteller and Professor of Creative Writing Nalo Hopkinson for an Asterisk conversation – "een sterretjesgesprek".
"A refreshing view on our world at the moment and a refreshing view on literature. To me the right questions are being asked to the right people." says poet and audio editor Jörgen Gario Unom.

In the silence of the first lockdown in the spring of 2020, Writers Unlimited's desire grew to be present with a substantive contribution to society and the world.
We found a collaboration with philosopher and author Simon (e) van Saarloos, who noticed during the Winternachten festival 2020 that sexuality and gender were still too little negotiable and visible in our programming and the social debate. Simon(e) has many fond memories of the festival in previous years, specifically because of the conversations with authors, and the sharing of inspiration that often continued after that. In a time of physical distance, The Asterisk Conversations brings together international authors and makers in the Netherlands, allowing their work and words to meet and interact.

As icing on the cake, we also asked the visual artist, designer and illustrator Ajsa Zdravkovic to capture the conversation and recitation in one single image. When asked she loved to say a few words: "As a white cis-woman, in the field of the arts, when working with BIPOC, queer, and marginalized artists, poets, writers, and creators, it is imperative to amplify their voices with delicacy and consideration; listening between the words, plucking out the things you weren't perhaps so familiar with, reading more about them. It's about silencing your voice, and letting your mind, ears and hands do the work. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason."

Go listen the first two episodes of The Asterisk Conversations via the Writers Unlimited-site or in your own podcast app.

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Posted on: Monday 25 January 2021