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More names announced for Winternachten 2022

Nóg meer namen voor Winternachten 2022 - fotografen in lopende tekst
Nóg meer namen voor Winternachten 2022 - fotografen in lopende tekst

Last week we announced the first names of the line-up for Winternachten 2022 - the summer edition. It will take place between Thursday 16 and Sunday 19 June 2022 at various locations (a.o. PAARD, Amare en PIP) in The Hague. Today we share with you even more writers, artists and musicians.

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The one and only! In recent years hiphop icon Sef has become a highly appreciated and respected artist in the Dutch hiphop scene. He honours us with a unique contribution to the Winternachten closing concert, on Sunday afternoon 19 June in Amare. We can't give away too much yet, but we can tell you this: during this concert writers, poets and artists will bring their dream house to life, in words, images and music. Full of light, warm and dark desires, of ancestors and wise women, of loss and pleasure...

Athena Farrokhzad

Meet Athena: a Swedish poet, playwright, translator, literary critic and feminist. Her family fled Iran in the 1980s and she is today an important voice in Scandinavian social debate. She writes and poems on themes like migration, integration, racism, revolution and war, and is literary critic of the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. At Winternachten she'll be in a programme packed with female poets. We can't wait.

Photo: Carla Orrego Feliz

Raoul de Jong

Are there actually any men at this festival? Glad you asked - you'll find the answer in a program on masculinity with, among others, Raoul de Jong. You might know Raoul from his books (including Het leven is verschrikkulluk, Dagboek van een puber and Jaguarman), columns and articles in newspapers such as Het Parool and Vrij Nederland. Back in 2005 Raoul appeared in a documentary about masculinity, so he can probably tell us all about it. Or... Does he no longer believe in concepts like masculinity and femininity? Come see and hear for yourself.

Photo: Stephan Vanfleteren

Iman Mersal

This Egyptian writer is founder and editor of the feminist magazine Bint al-Ard (Daughter of the Earth). She is one of the most acclaimed contemporary writers in the Arab world and a professor of Arabic literature in Alberta, Canada. These Are Not Oranges, My Love contains a selection of her poems in English, but her poems have also been translated into other languages. In How to Mend: On Motherhood and its Ghosts she tells a new story about motherhood, switching between diary excerpts, photographs and readings. Mersal's literature shows us that we are bigger than our individual experience, than our sorrows, worries and fears.

Photo: Roger Anis

Agustina Bazterrica

This Argentine writer received the important Premio Clarín Novela 2017 for her second novel Tender is the flesh, which was published in Dutch in 2020. It is a dystopian novel about the meat industry, mourning and dehumanization - a book with surprisingly believable and gruesome solutions to pressing global problems. With this novel, Bazterrica put forth a mercilessly critical and chilling picture of a morally bankrupt society.

Photo: Ruben Digilio

Amara van der Elst

Yes! This spoken word phenomenon (from The Hague) is also on the Winternachten stage. You might know her, for starters, from her recitation during the Dutch national Remembrance Day on 4 May 2021, with which she left a deep impression. Amara is a true performer and has been on stage since she was seven years old. During Winternachten she'll share that stage with a whole host of wonderful poets and spoken word artists (whom we'll also be introducing to you soon), under the banner of Woorden Worden Zinnen.

Photo: Colin Hill

Laura van Dolron

On Sunday afternoon 19 June we'll close Winternachten - summer edition with a spectacular concert, where literature, music and winti culture come together. Together with artists like Sef, Benzokarim and Sterre Konijn and writers like Raoul de Jong and Sanneke van Hassel we'll build our own 'dream house' in Amare. And none other than theater maker and stand-up philosopher Laura van Dolron is our dream hostess! She expertly guides us through this colorful parade of artists, words, images and music.

Photo: Valentina Vos

Meral Polat

You might know Meral Polat from her wonderful roles in the theater (De gesluierde monologen), film (Mees Kees) and on TV (De luizenmoeder), but during Winternachten she will show herself from her most musical side! She performs live during our program on feminism in Turkey - a conversation on violence, literature and poetry in which you also meet programmer Meltem Halaceli, poet Müesser Yeniay and writer Çiler İlhan. Meral Polat creates song lyrics based on the poems of Müesser Yeniay.

Photo: Peter de Jong

Posted on: Tuesday 26 April 2022