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Leestip: de nieuwe roman van Marion Bloem

Marion Bloem en de omslag van haar nieuwe roman Meisjes uit het dorp
Marion Bloem en de omslag van haar nieuwe roman Meisjes uit het dorp

Marion Bloem will receive the Constantijn Huygens Prize at the Winternachten festival on 12 February. Her new novel 'Meisjes uit het dorp' has just been released.

From Geen gewoon Indisch meisje (No Ordinary Indonesian Girl) to her just-published new novel Meisjes uit het dorp (Village Girls): Marion Bloem is among the best-known and highly respected Dutch authors. The City of The Hague awards her oeuvre with the Constantijn Huygens Prize.

In Bloem's new novel Meisjes uit het dorp (Village Girls), Ramona recalls her adolescence, young passion, and the unprocessed traumas of her parents, against the backdrop of a village in the 1950s and 1960s.

Marion Bloem achieved great fame with the novels Geen gewoon Indisch meisje (1983) and Vaders van betekenis (1989), and with the documentary Het land van mijn ouders (1983), in which women go in search of their Indonesian roots. Bloem herself is the daughter of Indonesian parents who came to the Netherlands after the independance of Indonesia. In 1993, she received the E. du Perron Prize.

Besides a large number of novels, collections of short stories, poetry, non-fiction, young adults books and children's books, she made film and TV productions such as the feature film Ver van familie (2008) and the youth film De Tovenaarsleerling (1986).

Her novel Een meisje van honderd (2012) is a family story that provides a brilliant overview of a century of Indonesian-Dutch history.

More recent works include Haar goede hand (2016) about her relationship with her mother, Een teken van leven (2018) about mourning and Indo (2020) about Indonesian history and identity thinking. Her novel Meisjes uit het dorp was published in January 2023.

Bloem, a clinical psychologist and visual artist in addition to being an author, will receive the Constantijn Huygens Prize 2022 from the municipality of The Hague for her entire oeuvre.

Alderman Saskia Bruines will hand out the literary prizes to Marion Bloem and the other three winners during the Winternachten festival on Sunday afternoon, 12 February 2023 with the (Dutch spoken) festive programme Haagse literatuurprijzen. Journalist and documentary maker Sinan Can (now on TV in Sinan in search of paradise) and Kaja Wolffers, son of Marion Bloem, will give eulogies to Marion Bloem. Other performers in the programme include singer LUWTEN and poet Obe Alkema.

The annual literary prizes of the City of The Hague are awarded and presented by the Literatuurmuseum Den Haag in collaboration with the Winternachten festival.

Posted on: Thursday 12 January 2023