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Introducing programmerJoëlle Koorneef

Joëlle Koorneef
Joëlle Koorneef

Who makes the programme of the Winternachten festival? We gladly introduce the members of our partly new team of programmers. This time: Joëlle Koorneef, who also gives some reading tips.

Joëlle is editor and programme maker of the Winternachten festival in The Hague. She graduated from University College Roosevelt in Middelburg in 2018, where she obtained a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts, specialising in literature and antiquities.

For her specialisation 'Literature & Contested Spaces' she wrote her thesis on the references to literary genres in three recent non-fiction books on climate change.

In addition, Joëlle supports the Environmental Humanities Center of the Free University as a freelancer and works under her alias alphabet stickers for editing, writing and translation jobs. For Winternachten 2020 Joëlle was a production and editing intern. As an editor she specialises in subjects such as climate, gender and intersectionality.

The book I am now reading:

How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. I don't just read it on the road or in a hurry, I really need to sit down with Post-Its and a pen to take notes.

I also read Eating Fire: Selected Poetry 1965-1995, the collection of poetry by Margaret Atwood. Since I heard her speak at the Vrije Universiteit, I have become more absorbed in her poetry and short stories, which perhaps affect me even more than her great speculative fiction. This collection contains so much richness that I can always find something beautiful in it.

The book that changed me:

Only my motivation to eat less meat for the environment turned out not to be enough. But when I read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, I really couldn't go back. Foer asks himself whether it is ethical to feed his son meat, and from that starting point he investigates the meat industry in America. After I closed that book, I never ate meat again. Funnily enough it was also the words of Foer in We Are the Weather that gave me the last push to go vegan.

The book I give as a gift:

Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. During my studies I took every opportunity to analyse Murakami's books, in papers and even in my bachelor thesis. His magically realistic reflections of Japan must suit you. Kafka on the beach is a bizarre book in which the boundaries of reality blur and fish rain from the sky. Such a gift is a kind of test. If you don't like Murakami after this book, then you know right away that this is not the author for you. If you do love it, I invite you to borrow a title from my Murakami library.

Posted on: Thursday 3 December 2020