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Winternachten South Africa tour 2010

South-Africa 2010

Mon 20 September - Mon 27 September 2010

In cooperation with the writer Antjie Krog and the University of Western Cape, Winternachten organises its sixt writers' tour to South-Africa. Four authors from four countries perfom in and around Cape Town. Together with writers and poets from South-Africa they will present their work, and give workshops to local literary talents. The programmes are offered to both a general audience, and to students and schoolpupils.

Antjie Krog devised a programme for the University of Western Cape, and invited authors from South-Africa. On her request, Winternachten selected four foreign authors.

On behalf of Winternachten the following authors join the tour: The Surinamese/Hindustani poet and musican Raj Mohan, the Liberian/Dutch writer Vamba Sherif, writer and poets Bernice Chauly from Malaysia and Lamis Saidi from Algeria.

From South Africa the following authors will participate: André Brink, Nunke Khadimo, Mannini Mokhothu, Neo Muyanga, Moenier Adams, Ronelda Kamfer and singer Reba Son.

The choice of the authors has been made on the basis of the theme of this event: Creolisation, the way in which languages and cultures influence each other.

Brief programme
Monday 20 September 18.30 - 20.00: public programme in the Athol Fugard Theatre in Cape Town.
Tuesday 21 September: Poetry Lunch Hour - University of Western Cape (UWC). Seminars and workshops during the day.
Wednesday 22 September: Panel discussion for students of Arabic and Afrikaans in UWC.
Thursday 23 September 8.30 - 13.00: Workshop and reading in the Breyten Breytenbach Center in Wellington.
Friday 23 September 14.30-17.00: Workshop and reading voor children in Greyton.
Saturday 24 September 14.00-17.00 Workshop and performance with local writers, poets and musicians in Genadendal.

All writers will perform in their native language. Translations of their work will be simultaneously been projected in English, or will subsequently be read in Afrikaans translation.