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Winternachten Overzee Zuid-Afrika 2006

South-Africa 2006

Mon 2 October - Sat 14 October 2006

In October, for the fourth time, Winternachten goes 'overseas' to South Africa. Four authors and a musician, from Indonesia, Curaçao, the Netherlands and Surinam, will perform on behalf of Winternachten in the festival Poetry Africa in Durban (8 - 14 October) and in various venues in the Cape (2 - 7 October). Poetry Africa in Durban is organised by the University of KwaZulu-Natal; the organising partners in the Cape are writer Antjie Krog, the University of the Western Cape, and the Spier Arts Trust in Stellenbosch.

Winternachten is represented by the poets Tan Lioe Ie (Indonesia), Gibi Bacilio (Curaçao), Shrinivási (Surinam), poet/rap artist Def P (The Netherlands) and musician Ronald Snijders (Surinam/The Netherlands). The combination of music and poetry is unique in this tour. Both the organisers in Durban and the Cape indicated that they would like to show a connection between poetry and music. Therefore Winternachten asked flute player Ronald Snijders to join the poets in this tour. Winternachten chose poets that are also, each in their unique way, excellent performers. Ronald Snijders
performs his own repertoire and will also accompany the poets during their performances. In addition to these performances he gives, with the poets, workshops at schools, universities and community centers.

The co-operating partners of Winternachten in South Africa all have very good reputations. Antjie Krog works together with the University of the Western Cape and the Spier Arts Trust in Stellenbosch. The Spier Arts Trust has built a strong relationship with a mixed audience. They are strong on an artistic and an organisational level. Poetry Africa in Durban is considered
by many to be one of the most important poetry festivals in Africa. For six days more than thirty poets and musical groups from twelve countries perform. The festival consists of recitals, seminars, workshops, poetry writing competitions and daily performances at schools and prisons. Poetry Africa is attached to the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Winternachten has gone 'overseas' since 2001 to Surinam, Indonesia, the Netherlands Antilles, Aruba and South Africa. In every overseas edition Winternachten is represented by writers from these involved countries and the Netherlands. In practice it turns out to be very productive encounters for all artists participating. These overseas editions are also beneficial to the
Winternachten festival in The Hague. Because of these tours Winternachten stays abreast and informed of the literary developments in the involved countries.

Winternachten Overseas is sponsored by the Dutch Ministry for Culture, Hivos/NCDO Culture fund, The Netherlands Embassy in South Africa and the Foundation for Translation and Production of Dutch Literature.